Nashty Bag

Need a place for a hoodie, your registration and some tools? Our Nashty Bag is just what you’re looking for. Made right here in the USA from high quality local leather and feature a one of a kind look you can't get from any other bag. High quality buckles give them that old style look while the small distinct shape of the bag keeps all the other features on your bike exposed. These bags measure 14 inches high by 10 inches wide and 4 inches deep. They come available in left and right side. Get both left and right together and we will cut you a break on the price. Available in a black, brown or natural leather finish. Notice the small pocket on the inside of the bag that you can hide little goodies in.



Disclaimer: Genuine Leather by its nature has some scratches/scars/color variation which reconfirms that its 100% pure and gives it a beautiful vintage look. Each bag will be a slightly different color shade than the photos provided, which makes each bag unique. 

** Inside Out Option features exposed stitching and seams.